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Saturday, February 4, 2012

For Best Friend

♥ My Best Friend .. Life is indeed winding. Full elevation gaping chasm left Thousands on the right. Be careful to keep the faith, because he is very fragile. Such as Dust, if not maintained and placed in a closed and secure wind then easily flew the airster. 
♥ My Best Friend .. There was no word late to change for the better, even though it is as bad as any of us before but when the guidance of God come as white as snow, will all so beautiful. Being beautiful is indeed not easy thing, it takes patience, kesepenuh hatian, and struggle. God will not give you a solution regardless of endeavor. Bad way just need a caterpillar metam0rfosis with time gradually to become a beautiful Butterfly colorful. With patience await the chrysalis torn apart To get to see the world with a form that is more beautiful .
♥ My Best Friend .. God created man with the most perfect manifestation. There is a sense that can think. There is a heart that is capable of choosing. Makes sense that as water, do not let it dry. When a problem menerPamu, jerniHkan thought. The decisions taken when the murky bring remorse later. Ikhlaslah, saBarlah, calm down ... Lord in thy mighty. Ask on his completion of all your problem. It like glass, don't let it crack, let alone broken. When your heart touched love, dataNgilah the owner and the estuary of love. In order to not get lost. It had eyes. Navigate to the visible eye heart every second of it Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala, sang its creator .
♥ My Best Friend .. Your best friend is he who when her always reminiscent of the faith. Rawatlah friendship because of God. Because it's like a rope, friendship can disconnect anytime. The best friend is like a pair of shoes, although its harmonious, walking one left one right, but surely one purpose. Complement each other, but never changed its position. Always the same, there's nothing higher. And when one is lost, the other has no meaning . 

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